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Knights Brown has been appointed by London Borough of Hounslow to complete the design and construction of the new pedestrian footbridge at Dukes Meadows.  

Throughout the project we'll be posting regular progress updates and also, providing important information for community members and other stakeholders on the key stages that we anticipate to be of particular interest.

For background details about Dukes Meadows, the pedestrian bridge, the Thames Path and natural heritage, London Borough of Hounslow has published a booklet available to download via the following link.





We've published our 11th newsletter (click the news tab in the menu),  in this update we will be updating you on the following:

  • Site progress 

  • We have uploaded an updated time lapse on our home page

  • In our next newsletter (early July) we will be releasing the date for span 2's journey down the Thames from Tilbury to Dukes Meadows and how we will be capturing this, the date of the install of span 2 using a neap tide, the procedure that goes with it and the best viewing points to watch the install.

Short term programme milestones

  • Piers 1,3 and 5 are now complete

  • Piers 2 and 3 - 1st lifts complete

  • East landing reinforced retaining concrete wall work is in progress.

Forthcoming deliveries​​

  • Span 2 delivery by water date TBC

  • Span 1,3 and 4 by road date TBC

Polite reminder the demolition works will commence on the Thames Tradesmen Boat house on the 7th March 2022. These works are a separate contract being undertaken by Neilcott Construction Ltd, any enquires please contact Neilcott directly. 


Latest time lapse footage [May 2022]