Dukes Meadows Regeneration | Pedestrian Footbridge - Newsletter 7



This is our seventh newsletter for the construction of the Dukes Meadows Footbridge, in this update we will be talking about what has been happened in the last month and some good practices on site.

  • Considerate Constructors Scheme Result - Amazing Achievement for the Team

  • Good Practices Continue

Considerate Constructors Scheme Result

Dukes Meadows Footbridge 45/45 Considerate Constructors Scheme

On the 19th January Dukes Meadows Footbridge had their second CCS visit from David Tomlin in which they scored an amazing 45/45! What a great achievement for everyone involved and even better it’s the first 100% score received on CCS across the whole business wow wow wow! The monitor had said that Project Manager Meen Gurung and Stakeholder Liaison Jim Devine’s understanding of the CCS concept was first class.

This visit scored them on the categories Respect the Community, Protect the Environment and Value their work force, in each of these they scored the highest points possible. This was the first visit on the new code of practice checklist for 2022, in which the main difference is the reduction of the amount of sections going from five to three The Community, Protect the Environment and Value their workforce.


Firstly for the community section the auditor picked up on the amazing work that Jim Devine is doing down on site and the relationships he has built with the site neighbours, local school and passers by which has continually had positive feedback from the client. He especially liked the Website and the monthly newsletters that are published on a monthly basis providing the community with project updates and gave credit to Georgia Watts for the consistent updating of events and any potentially disruptive works and delivery’s, he also commented on the two comprehensive notice boards that are at the East and West ends of the works which are regularly updated.

The monitor David descripted the site as ‘Local Area kept in First Class Condition generating positive responses from sports club neighbours and passers by’, full recognition for this goes to Senior General Foreman Wayne Caswell and the site team for keeping the site and local area clean and presentable.


This section of Environment as many will know has been a very challenging side of this project has taken extremely hard work from Contracts Manager Kit Wong and Meen Gurung from the design stage of the project to live on site with the findings of wild rare plants found and being so close to a ecological area with rare species, it’s been very important to protect the wildlife and environment throughout the project and will continue throughout. The monitor was impressed at the level in which the environmental side of the project had been given, pointing out the following points, the site is located in an ecologically sensitive area; Dukes Hollow, adjacent to the railway bridge, is a small local nature reserve with a tidal foreshore, two species of rare snails and rare grasses. The site has worked with the London Wildlife Trust to produce a site landscape plan which will significantly increase the biodiversity potential of the park.


The company has a climate change action plan based on UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 which includes sustainability, carbon management, low carbon options and offsetting. Staff have attended a "Carbon Demystified for SMEs" webinar on carbon reduction. Relevant training and toolbox talks are provided to the workforce. The bridge design was reviewed by the contractor and their design partner which led to a significant reduction of embodied carbon; carbon footprint was further reduced by changing the methodology for installing the main span from shore based crane lifts to using a pontoon and the falling tide to seat the span 2 bridge section.

Lastly the workforce section where they are looking at how you value the workforce behind the project points were made about the monthly safety performance awards for the workforce, where photos are taken and posted on notice boards.

Also that there are monthly senior management safety inspections and reports, these safety reports are also issued to the client. He could see that personal development is encouraged and supported at Knights Brown and the way the company training department maintains a matrix of qualifications and training including reminders for refreshers is important for the progression of the workforce.

David also liked that the site team includes a Year in Industry student (Sam Rai) who is studying civil engineering at Greenwich University; Sam is spending a year working on site to gain experience. In which Sam is getting on really well on site and the team are extremely happy with Sam’s progress and his can do work attitude he has on the project.

Full CCS report can be found below:

CCS Dukes Meadows Footbridge Second visit 100% score
Download PDF • 45KB

A final well done and congratulations to all involved a lot of time and effort went into preparing for a great score and it shows.

Good Practice

Good practices continue on site with spreading of salt down the temporary footpath to ensure commuters safety, we also continue to litter pick around the surrounding area of the site to ensure a clean and tidy surrounding area.

Most of the following information stays the same, although if you wish to refresh your memory please do.

Contact details and working hours are still the same

Jim Devine is our project community liaison manager to build and maintain an active relationship with local people. He can be contacted on weekdays from 7:30am - 5:30pm:

T: 07392 087 200

E: dukesmeadowsfootbridge@knightsbrown.co.uk

We adopt an open-door approach during the whole construction period so should you have any queries relating to our day to day site activities, please get in touch.

Our normal site working hours will carry on being Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 5.30pm. We do not expect to work on Saturday or outside of these hours but will do so as an exception, should it become necessary for us to maintain programme or to carry out specific tasks. In this event, we will give notice of our intention to do so and what to expect.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

The project has been registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme under the registration number of SRO21904, which will externally monitor our performance against their code of considerate practice. We have a good track record of achieving above average scores, regularly receiving 'performance beyond compliance' certificates and annual national awards. For more information please visit ccscheme.org.uk.

Meet the team

Kit Wong – Contracts Manager

Kit will provide senior level supervision and operational oversight to ensure health, safety, environmental and quality compliance is maintained and project objectives achieved.

Meen Gurung – Project Manager

Meen is a highly professional project manager and will maintain day by day responsibility for the planning, procurement and execution of the contract.

James Puddle – Senior QS

James will bring his expert knowledge of construction costs and contracts to the successful execution of all commercial aspects.

Enda McEvoy – Engineer

Enda is a responsible engineer who will carefully manage the planning and design stages contributing his technical expertise to project drawings, designs and project delivery.

Wayne Caswell – General Foreman

Wayne will be responsible for the general management of all site operations, our workforce and subcontractors, maintaining organisational and operational control of the construction site.

Jim Devine - Community Liaison Manager and Document Controller

Jim will be playing a significant role in developing and maintaining effective relationships with local people and other stakeholders. He will also be responsible for the managing all documents on site.

Sam Rai – Year in the Industry Engineer

Sam is in a year out of University doing a placement in Engineering with Knights Brown.

Georgia Watts – Administrator

Georgia will bring an abundance of enthusiasm to her duties assisting the site team across the board and supporting the divisional management team.

Carl Wheeler - Health & Safety Advisor

Carl will provide guidance and assistance to the site team, ensuring risks to health and safety are fully assessed and mitigated helping to prevent accidents, injuries and health problems in the workplace.

Olav Lawrence - Head of HSQE

Olav will provide coaching, mentoring and support and be an authoritative voice for all aspects of occupational health and safety, quality and environmental management. He will pay particular attention to construction related risk management documentation and support the delivery of health and safety inductions.

We look forward to updating you with our progress again next month.

With best wishes

Meen Gurung | Project Manager